Undergoing and recovering from a single or double mastectomy can be incredibly taxing, both physically and mentally. Many women opt to undergo further surgery for breast reconstruction, while many women choose to go an entirely different route with prosthetics. In this blog post, we’ll give you some helpful information that you might not know about prosthetics.

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What are Prosthetics?

The terms ‘prosthesis’ and ‘breast form’ can be used interchangeably, and these terms refer to devices that create the appearance of breasts without requiring reconstructive surgery (we’ll be using the term ‘breast form’ throughout the remainder of this post). Breast forms can be tucked into bras and bathing suits, and there are many different tops specifically designed to hold breast forms. The primary goal of a breast form is to recreate a woman’s natural shape, and breast forms can come in several different materials:


Silicone breast forms mimic the weight and movement of natural breasts, and silicone can be easily colored in order to match a woman’s skin tone. Silicone breast forms also warm to a woman’s body temperature, making it easy and comfortable to wear them for extended periods of time.


Foam breast forms are an affordable alternative for women who may not want the weight of a silicon or gel breast form. Foam breast forms are easy to wash and are often worn during workouts and during warm weather. While these lightweight alternatives to silicon and latex can be a great choice for some women, the lack of weight and movement in foam breast forms can come sometimes be a drawback.


Rubber and latex breast forms offer a less expensive alternative to silicone breast forms, although many women report that rubber and latex breast forms do not mimic the natural feeling of silicone breast forms.

Talking to Your Insurance Provider

Every woman’s needs will be different when it comes to choosing the right breast form. Some women may prioritize comfortability while other prioritize appearance; each of these choices is perfectly fine. Many women choose to have custom-designed breast forms, though these can be expensive and are sometimes not covered by health insurance.

Before making a decision about which breast form you would like to purchase, you should always check to see if your insurance plan covers breast forms. About You Mastectomy Boutique regularly helps women cover the costs of breast forms using Medicare and other forms of insurance. We also carry and regularly distribute breast forms that have been gently used to women whose health insurance plans do not cover the costs of breast forms.

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