Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a devastating event for thousands of people around the world each year, and it can understandably cause an immense amount of future-oriented trepidation. At About You Mastectomy Supplies, we understand how difficult it can be to receive and deal with a breast cancer diagnosis. Remaining optimistic during the course of an intensive treatment regimen can be equally challenging, but a supportive network of friends and family members can make a world of difference when it comes to your overall outlook. We’ve helped hundreds of Tampa residents through this difficult time of their lives, and we would be glad to help you or a loved one as well. In parts one and two of our multi-part series, we gave you some tips that will help you through the beginning and intermediate stages of breast cancer. In the conclusion of this series, we’ll discuss several more ways to reduce the burden of breast cancer. Contact About You Mastectomy Boutique to learn more about our wide variety of mastectomy bras, lymphedema sleeves, and other products for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Find the Right Garments

As we discussed in a previous blog, lymphedema is an unfortunate side effect of many breast cancer treatments. The most common symptoms of lymphedema are swelling of the extremities or of the chest and back. While lymphedema is generally not life-threatening, it is certainly uncomfortable and worth avoiding whenever possible. Lymphedema sleeves and other compression garments can help you avoid lymphedema by preventing swelling from occurring. When you’re not wearing lymphedema or compression garments, elevate your arms and legs to promote blood flow throughout your body.

Practice Self Care

Breast cancer treatment is one of the most intense experiences you will endure during the course of your life, and it’s therefore incredibly important to take time for yourself that allows you to decompress. Taking a soothing bath with essential oils can promote deep relaxation that will do wonders for your body. Watch your favorite television shows and movies, read your favorite book again, or find a new one that you haven’t previously had time to read. Many breast cancer patients find that it’s soothing to retain a sense of normalcy, and even doing some light chores or housework could lift your spirits.

If you notice that your emotions are taking a toll during the course of your treatment, it’s important to recognize that this is completely normal for people in your position. Cancer patients often feel a strong sense of isolation and despair, becoming increasingly withdrawn from their friends and family. If your spirit is consistently down during your treatment, it may be a good idea to reach out to your doctor or breast cancer support group for extra support. Both of these resources may be able to recommend a therapist or caregiver that can help you work through and resolve these feelings.


While it may seem like there’s no end in sight while you are receiving treatment, your treatment will eventually come to an end. While you may be eager to get back to your old routine and lifestyle, your post-cancer treatment will be a lifelong journey that involves a variety of lifestyle changes. Preventing recurrence of your cancer is a top priority, and permanent changes to your diet and exercise schedule will play a key role in preventing your cancer from returning.

Plan on attending a variety of follow-up appointments after your treatment formally ends. In these follow-up visits with your doctor, you will be asked about any post-treatment symptoms that are lingering. Any remaining problems will be addressed and you will be closely monitored in order to ensure that your cancer is gone. You can expect your follow-up visits to decrease in frequency the longer you have been free of cancer, but you should expect to attend several follow-up appointments for up to five years after your treatment ends. Many caregivers and doctors can recommend resources that will help you with your post-treatment life, and it’s recommended that you take advantage of every resource available to you.

We hope that this series of tips for breast cancer patients and survivors is helpful to you. We understand how difficult breast cancer can be for the individual receiving treatment as well as their friends and family. Our mastectomy boutique has helped thousands of women in Tampa find the perfect lymphedema sleeves and gloves, wigs, and other products for breast cancer patients. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning about how our mastectomy boutique can help you or a loved one.

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